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Car Insurance FAQ

1. My insurance company has told me I must use 'their' repairer is this correct?


The OFT (Office of Fair Trading) states that all insurance companies should make it clear that the policyholder has the right to choose a repairer of their choice and that the policyholder does NOT have to use the insurance approved body repairer who will have been selected purely at cost.

By choosing a repairer approved by your vehicle's manufacturer, you can be assured it will be repaired using the manufacturer’s genuine parts, approved and tested paint and sealers, and by technicians trained by the manufacturer and using computer equipment supplied and built by the manufacturer.

2. The accident was not my fault, so why should I claim on my policy?

You do not have to claim on your policy. We can offer advice on many aspects of an insurance claim and understand that it is not an everyday occurrence. We can supply a like for like replacement vehicle, claim any out-of-pocket expenses you may incur and claim back the cost of repairs from the third parties’ insurance. This will save you claiming on your own insurance and paying your excess.

3. Will I get a replacement car if the accident was my fault?

We will (subject to availability) supply our customers with a courtesy vehicle.

4. Do you guarantee your work?

We will always guarantee our work and will not affect your manufacturer’s warranty for vehicles we are approved for. For Porsche vehicles, we offer a lifetime repair guarantee. Here are our EXCESS GUARANTEE details.


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